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Gardening Services London - No-obligation Price Estimate

By filling out our gardening estimate, you save both us and yourself time and money. It is a quick, easy and straightforward way of stating your precise needs and requirements and it allows us to give a more accurate free price quotation.

For your estimate call us on 020 3404 5114 now or complete our on-line Request a service form for quick, easy access to London's best gardening services.

Garden Maintenance: £36 per hour for a team of 2 specialists*

We come with all required materials and tools; For more detailed information contact us on 020 3404 5114. 

You can book from a various range of services:

  • complete garden clearance;
  • lawn mowing;
  • weeding;
  • bush and hedge trimming;
  • spring & autumn garden tidy ups;
  • deck and fence protection;
  • lawn maintenance and care;
  • ivy removal;
  • lawn recovery;

*Minimum price is £45 for a team of 2 gardening experts for the 1st hour. £36 for every subsequent hour.

Landscaping: Price per Project*

For jobs like turfing, stonework, building a fireplace, pond or fountain, etc., laying a patio, installing a trellis, we visit the site, discuss your vision, ideas and needs, and give you a price estimate for your specific project - such jobs are to be confirmed after a survey;

Tree Maintenance: Price rates start from £78 for a team of 2 experienced arborists*

Professional equipment and tools are included in the price to ensure the best results, safe work and to prevent any damages;

  • Tree pruning;
  • Felling of damaged and diseased trees;
  • Stump grinding;
  • Complete tree removal;
  • Tree care;
  • Huge bush trimming;
  • Removal of large bushes;
  • Lopping

Patio and Driveway Cleaning, and Other Jet Washing Jobs: £2/sq.m.*

  • Driveway, deck and patio cleaning
  • Fence cleaning
  • Gate cleaning
  • Cleaning of heavily soiled garden furniture
  • Exterior walls cleaning

*Minimum charge is £48. No minimum charge will be applied when the service is combined with garden maintenance jobs!

Household and Green Waste Removal Services

If you have Domestic or Gardening waste, or if you need to have your home, basement, loft, garage, or flat cleared out, call us and we will be there to help you!

Services that we offer include:

  • Rubbish Removal
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Gardening Waste Removal
  • House Clearance
  • Loft Clearance
  • Garage Clearance
  • Recycling

The table below gives an example of our standard rates:

Waste SizePrice
Min Charge: Single Items £50
1/4 Truck: approx 250 kg £90 - £110
2/4 Truck: approx 500 kg £150 - £170
3/4 Truck: approx 750 kg £200 - £220
Full Truck: approx 1000 kg £250 - £270

Call us today for the best rate!

services prices
  • Basic Gardening (incl. lawn mowing/ grass cutting, weeding, hedge and bush trimming, spring & autumn tidy ups) – including all required tools, equipment and materials - £36 per hour for 2 people;
  • Professional Garden Maintenance ( incl. patio, path and deck cleaning; tree trimming; cutting of large bushes or big garden clearances) - including all required tools, equipment and materials - £36 per hour for 2 people;
  • Gardening per Price - for tasks such as laying new grass, turfing, stone work; building a pond, fireplace, fountain, etc., we visit the site, discuss your needs and ideas, and give you a quote for the specific work. - to be confirmed after a survey;
  • We charge £10 initial call out charge for all our appointments. Minimum is 2 gardeners for 1 hour for which we charge £49.
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